I'm Tammy, birth justice doula and vegan health coach based in Miami.

My work aims to educate and empower women and all birthing bodies in several ways - through my doula practice, health coaching, and activism projects related to birth, food justice, and plant-based wellness community initiatives.

As a health coach and doula in training, my life mission is to support women in living their best lives.

Health can be affected by not only what our body consumes, but also our mind and soul. So many health issues are often manifestations of a less obvious, deeply rooted misalignment- and it gets particularly harder for women who deal with societal oppression, prejudice, and racism- and that needs to be addressed too. 

My goal is to support women in these areas and help them come back to their whole selves, naturally. 

Why this work?
I fused my mind with my heart. Though the interest in health and wellness was always there, my heart has always been with my community. Pursuing an education with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition allowed me to become a certified health coach, and being trained as a birth justice doula shortly after gave me the skills I needed to fuse my two biggest interests. 
Growing more aware of the injustices in our food system and all the crises around food and diet in America, I have a deep desire to be part of the change and take that power back. My aim is to empower folks to go on their own journey and reclaim their health.

A quick feed of meals I make and share for inspo for anyone wanting to transition into a vegan lifestyle.

Food Ideas

Birth work through an intersectional lens. Doulas are a part of the solution + the revolution.

Justice and Inclusivity

A list of events in the community you won't want to miss. If you see me, come say hi!

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