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Veggie Mijxs Miami Potluck

The first Veggie Mijxs potluck was incredible! We had a whole vegan feast, made connections, and built community- we're so grateful for everyone who came out. There were jackfruit tacos, vegan pupusas, vegan arroz con leche, infused vegan pizza, empanadas, and so much more- If you'd like to come out to our next event, please reach out to myself or @veggiemijas through email or IG, we'd love to add you to the collective! You can also visit the Veggie Mijxs website for more info. POC only.

Artistic Healers

The Artistic Healers gathering was a beautiful celebration of sisterhood and community amongst women of color. Yogi Taji (@souldreamin) created her Artistic Healers project to honor the women in South Florida (and a few in NY!) who are healing through art. Her muses included writers, doulas, moms, chefs, organizers, bloggers, dancers, and more. It was a special night hosted in my home where we got to bask in feminine energy and the women looked glorious doing so. How lucky was I to be a part of her project and have all these lovely ladies in my space?! You can find the project here & browse through Yogi's page! She's an amazing photographer with the most calming and comforting aura.