What exactly is a doula?

Doulas are an important part of your birthing team. We help with pain management, stress relief, involving your partner in the pregnancy/birth if you have one, and advocate for your birth plan while you're in labor. We are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice or perform exams. We're holistic healers here to support YOU.


Why should I hire a Doula?

The presence of a doula has shown to lower chances of having a c-section and increase satisfaction with overall birth experience. Having a doula means you have someone representing your best interest at all times, especially if birthing in a hospital. We get to know you and ask plenty of questions so that your birth experience can be as close to your birth plan as possible and you feel safe and supported throughout.


Can my insurance cover it?

Insurance doesn't cover doula services just yet, but FSA (flexible spending program) and HSA (health savings account) can be used. Another option is to add doula services to your baby registry. Gift certificates can also be purchased in increments or for a complete package. 

how does doula support differ from familial support?

Family support can't be replaced and doulas don't intend to do so! While family members can be super supportive, doulas receive training related to pregnancy, birth, and babies + are up to date on research and can provide resources specific to your needs. We do birth!